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Coaching and mentoring in the health and safety world has previously never been considered. IOSH have recognised that Coaching and mentoring can have a positive impact for individuals and organisations.

In the field of occupational safety and health, there is a growing awareness that technical capability alone is not enough and that outstanding occupational safety and health practitioners are those who complement their technical knowledge and understanding with effective one-to-one communication skills (coaching and mentoring).

Coaching and mentoring has flourished because it has been shown to work. At best "being told" creates compliance. It does not create the commitment and ownership that lead to permanent, positive behaviour change.Effective coaching and mentoring will lead to ownership and behavioural change.

In our experience coaching and mentoring in safety can significantly help improve performance. We have helped a number of senior management personnel from a wide variety of sectors improve their own personal performance, the performance of others and the wider organisation as a whole by using effective coaching and mentoring. Many of these people consider us to be an essential component of their strategy, many request us to follow them to new organisations when they gain new posts in order to continue coaching and mentoring.

CJB Health and Safety truly believe that by unlocking the individual's potential, the organisations potential is also unlocked. 

Coaching and mentoring is conducted with the client in a mutual environment. Using effective coaching and mentoring as part of our consultancy, we are able to unlock potential whilst driving forward the organisations mission.

Effective Coaching and mentoring has been proven to work and that is why at CJB Health and Safety our consultants are all training in coaching and mentoring. Coaching and mentoring can be conducted at any level of the organisation.




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