Do health and safety laws apply to me?

Yes, they apply to all businesses, however small, to the self-employed and also employees.


What is the law on health and safety policies?

You must have a written Health and Safety Policy if you employ more than 4 people, this includes part time workers.

What legislation covers health and safety?

The principal legislation covering business premises is the Health & Safety at Work etc Act 1974. There are also a number of Regulations that fall under this Act which deal with particular health and safety issues.


Why do I need a health and safety consultant?

You don’t have to, but some H&S legislation is complex and there is a legal requirement for employers to have access to competent advice. You could use one of your own staff (providing that they have sufficient training and experience), but most small-to-medium sized businesses don’t have this option. It is therefore much more cost effective to contract this out to a consultant. 


I'm starting my own business, what do I need to do?

Get in touch as soon as you can. Let CJB Health and Safety take the worry away, allowing you to concentrate on getting your business started.


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