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Where do you think we are?

When I am Coaching or Mentoring I have to manage change. Change can be seen as a negative, in fact it mostly is.

To manage change effectively I remind my self and my coachee of the change house. By placing yourself in the change house you can identify where you are, more importantly where you want to be and the direction you need to take.

For me I love to be in the sun, sun bathing on the sun deck. I have been in and out of the sun deck plenty of times, I have been around the house plenty of times also. Some times it is good to be taken out of our comfort zone, after all this is how we learn and develop.

COVID-19 has well and truly messed with the country, as such I don't think there is anyone on the sun deck any longer.

As a country I feel we are in the room of confusion, I think we have visited the cellar of despair. If we are not careful we could fall into the pit of paralysis, doing so would be difficult to come out of. Where do you think we are as a country?

If we all follow the Government guidelines we will all be back out on the sun deck in time.

I would just like to thank all key workers for the fantastic work you are all doing. You will have been around this house many times over the last few weeks. THANK YOU!

I would also like to take this opportunity to wish our Prime Minister a speedy and safe recovery.

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