• chrisbrewis


Since I have started the transition from military life to civilian life, I have been overwhelmed by the amount of support I have received. I am totally astonished that people would take time out to wish me well and offer me advice.

Being in the Army for so long I have become reliant on the way of life and the security that the military offers. Making the massive leap not only into a different career, but also one where I am running my own business is extremely daunting.

It has been humbling to receive phone calls, emails and messages mostly from veterans offering me advice. I never thought for one second that people would do that. It is reassuring to realise that there is life outside of green uniform, and also that there is a support network.

Thank you to all those that have made contact, It has been good to talk with each and everyone of you. Thank you for all your sound advice.


United Kingdom

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